UiPath UIAutomation 23.8 Community Release

The UIAutomation 23.8 Preview package was just published with a slight delay vs. the other UiPath Preview packages. Here’s what’s new:

With our latest enterprise version 23.4 we released the Trigger-based framework, a new way to build Attended Automations, with event-driven architecture. We provided support for native events monitoring through the Application Event Trigger activity for certain technologies: Web, Java, Active Accessibility. Also, we continue our story of integrating Computer Vision as a targeting method in Unified Target: you can now use the Table Extraction wizard for pure CV scenarios.

UI Automation Apps Native Events Triggers

With the version 23.8 preview we are extending the native event support for a new app technology: Microsoft UI Automation, successor of Active Accessibility.

More specifically, it is the UI Automation UI framework that you can select when you indicate elements on the screen and generates selectors with uia tags.

For example, Office applications (Excel, Word, Access) are built on this framework and if you tried to create triggers with version 23.4, for this type of application you received the error message that the indicated element is not supported by the activity.

This feature extends the native events support through the Application Event Trigger activity for applications built on UI Automation framework, in addition to the native events triggers provided with version 23.4 for Web, Java, Active Accessibility.

Event Inspection Tool

With version 23.8 preview we also introduce a tool for developers, integrated with UI Explorer, that will help them understand the type of native events triggered/exposed by various UI elements when the user interacts with them.

The users can benefit from the Event Inspection Tool for scenarios where they need to identify what events to monitor on which UI elements.

Pure CV Table Extraction with Unified Target

No need to switch to a CV Screen Scope and use a CV Extract Table anymore when automating remote environments with no access to selectors: you can now use the Extract Table Data activity to extract CV tables as well. Moreover, you can now easily extract CV tables spanning multiple pages, as the “next button” functionality is also available for CV-only scenarios.


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