UiPath- Ui Element No Longer Valid

What could be possible reason for Ui Element No Longer Valid error?

As @KGPK the possible reasons are:-
1)Web page may be not loaded properly
2)Backend Refresh in webpage itself


Try to use the repair function on the Selector Edit window.

It may been related to some kind of fynamic fiel that keep changing it properties during runtime.
Check two instances of that field, after and before the error, and see whats the difference, that way you can use a wildcard, or other propertie to best select your element.

  1. UI Element would have changed or Page not loading would have taken time
  2. Try to Reselect the Selector and check

You’re UI element might be dependant on an ID that changes each time the Page Loads so add some wildcards if possible so that its not so specific