UiPath typeing wrong text at FileName on IE or Chrome download/upload window

Hi there,

There are three method to type text,
1 normal way,
2 send windows message
3 simulate

All have problem with my project when typing text on download/upload window in IE or Chrome.

  1. Normal way. I’m using Chinese input method, if I forget chang it to English input method, it will type text into input method instead of type into download/upload window.
  2. Send Windows Message. It will get wrong text. for examp, I want type D:\hello+1.txt
    But it may type as d;|hello=1.txt
    It seem it pressed the Shift Key at wrong time.
  3. Simulate. Can you belive me! the robot can send full text correctly, and shows correctly, BUT, it cannot trigger the Windows to refresh the real text in the text box. which means, the download/upload window still use default text for filename, not new one.

Can uipath provide more saver type method?

hi @hcketw

There are three input methods available which you’ve already mentioned. Considering your 3rd approach as it’s fastest among all, you can check EmptyField box in properties. This will empty the field first if there’s any text available in the textbox.