UiPath Tutorial: How to Override Global Assets in Orchestrator

Hello Community,

This is a feature of UiPath Orchestrator that you might find interesting and useful to be applied in your automations.

In this video released on the RPA Vanguard channel, we talk about how to override Global Asset values in the UiPath Orchestrator. It takes you through how we can create such assets and then use them to influence the outcome of an automation based on which named user is running it.

Once you get a handle on the subject, you will most likely see use cases in your environment that can make use of this feature to build versatile automations that can run different business logic based on which named user’s Robot is running their automations.

The video covers the following:

  1. 00:00 - Intro
  2. 16:19 - PROLOGUE
  3. 05:03 - The Orchestrator Folder Setup
  4. 08:58 - The Use Case
  5. 14:09 - Setup Assets with Overrides
  6. 21:22 - Consuming Assets in the Automation
  7. 34:43 - Automation run by Named User 1
  8. 39:49 - Automation run by Named User 2
  9. 42:29 - EPILOGUE: How can UiPath make this better

The code demonstrated in this video can be downloaded from here.