UiPath Trial Version - Activation Error1


I am getting the below error while clicking the “Start Free License” button after installing the UiPath - Trial Edition.

“There was an error trying to reach the activation server. You might be behind a firewall. Please contact your network administrator and retry later. Optionally you can try Manual activation”.

What needs to be done to resolve this?.

I am using UiPath 2018.1 version. I am unable to select the Manual activation radio button. Manual Activation radio button is not getting enabled.

Can you please resolve this issue?


Thanks akshay for your information. I will look into this.

I found a workaround. I downloaded and installed fiddler (accepting all the defaults). Once installed I opened fiddler and then I opened UiPath Studio (in that order) and performed the free activation. Fiddler acts as the proxy by default. I suspect a local firewall or AV application prevents the outbound traffic. Once activated, you can remove fiddler.

I’ve confirmed this workaround on two workstations at our office.