Uipath trial and SAP

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Uipath trial gets wrong clicking with SAP process?

I was informed by a friend that the clicks were correct with the activation of the license. Does it proceed?

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Kindly elaborate a bit more about the issue buddy, that could help us resolve this issue…

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My friend passed a robot that he uses in his company (in uipath with the active license of his company works perfectly the part that uses the SAP) I put in a uipath trial that I am testing and the robot does not click in the right places (being that the configuration is the same). Only difference is the license issue.

Do the other activities work apart from this click, i mean till this click Activity
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robots that do not use SAP work perfectly

Then the issue is not with uipath trial and that is made clear now…great
So the issue is with the SELECTORS that is there in the activities been used to access the elements of SAP…
Kindly make sure that SAP version being used is same as that friend has…i hope it would be
–check whether the sap forms are in maximize window, may be all the pages in its fill size of window screen
–then next kindly check with the SELECTORS of the activity that is used in SAP, Reselect the elements if they are invalid still… that would work for SURE
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