Uipath Transpose excel after every 4 row

Hi All,

Seek your help to guide me on this. No Column headers

I need to transpose after every 4 row.



Appreciate the help in advance.

Thank you!

Hi @Shawn11 ,

Could you try with the below Steps :

  1. Prepare a Datatable using Build Datatable activity with 4 Columns as we need number of columns as 4, let is be named as OutputDT.

  2. Next, Read the Excel sheet as a Datatable without Add Headers enabled, let the output datatable be named as DT.

  3. We could then use the below Expression in an Assign activity.

OutputDT = Enumerable.Range(0,CInt(Math.Ceiling(DT.Rows.Count/4))).Select(Function(x)OutputDT.Rows.Add(DT.AsEnumerable.Skip(x*4).Take(4).Select(Function(y)y(0).ToString).ToArray)).CopyToDatatable
  1. Next, we can write the OutputDT to an Excel sheet without Add Headers being enabled.

From Debug Panel :

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Lets assume

  • 4 is fixed
  • Project is set to Windows Compatibility
  • Excel is read in into a datatable - dtData

Prepare an empty DataTable with Build DataTable Activity, Configure the 4 cols - dtResult

Assign Activity
dtResult =

dtData.AsEnumerable.Select(Function (x) x(0)).Chunk(4).Select(Function (x) dtResult.Rows.Add(x)).CopyToDataTable



Hi Sir,

I got this error,

Please help.


I got this error, please help.

Thank you.


was this done?

It works alright now. Thank you!

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