Uipath Training Level 3 Assigment 2

Hi all! I am trying to upload assigment 2 recording and zipping the Frameworks but in all cases results are 0/100. In orchestrator queue all items are as success and in the ACME system 1 app WI4 are marked as completed and with the upload ID in comments with format "Uploaded with ID `“UploadID” so I do not understand which is the problem. Can you help me???. Studio Versión is 2019.11.0-beta2. Orchestrator v. 19.12.1… release 28

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to our uipath community.

Could you record video at the time of BOT running for 2 transactions and share it with me. So that I can check and let you know where it went wrong.

Hi @lakshman,

I herewith attach the video… thanks for helping!



I could not find any video link in the above post.

I had attached it as zip file.

Let’s see if you can see this one: