UiPath to work with Mainframe using FTP calls



As we have seen most of the time issue, working with mainframe sessions, holding screens and getting information using by scraping.

There is a way to work with mainframe activity, using FTP calls. If we got this done, then Uipath could do something than anyone else in Market.

Scope: ______________

  • Custom Activity
  • Reusable Component
  • Template
  • Automation Framework
  • Application Connector
  • Data Connector
  • RPA Documentation
  • Machine learning model
  • Dashboard


Hi SaurahbG,

This idea seems very interesting to me, but it’s lacking details.

So you would like to use FTP for what exactly, access datasets directly (as a replacement for reaching it through screens) or RJE (Remote Job Entry)?

Could you describe a brief flow of what you think would serve? I just want to make sure I understand this (access to fully qualified DSNs or job definition is not really straightforward and it’s not available when you’re simply looking at the existent application to automate).

Thanks in advance.