UiPath TFS Deploy


We have been trying to publish Uipath package from TFS to Orchestrator through script and TFS. And getting an error “The operation returned an error: 0: An error has occurred”

019-11-12T13:05:36.1483309Z ##[section]Starting: UiPath deploy
2019-11-12T13:05:36.1487821Z ==============================================================================
2019-11-12T13:05:36.1487879Z Task : UiPath Package
2019-11-12T13:05:36.1487997Z Description : Creates UiPath process package from the source folder or deploys the already built packages into UiPath Orchestrator. Uses UiRobot.exe so it depends on UiPath Studio to be installed on the build agent machine. The installation is being handled by the task itself.
2019-11-12T13:05:36.1488031Z Version : 1.0.46
2019-11-12T13:05:36.1488060Z Author : UiPath
2019-11-12T13:05:36.1488138Z Help :
2019-11-12T13:05:36.1488168Z ==============================================================================
2019-11-12T13:05:37.1881551Z Directory: F:\Agent1_work_temp
2019-11-12T13:05:37.1883745Z Mode LastWriteTime Length Name
2019-11-12T13:05:37.1886571Z ---- ------------- ------ ----
2019-11-12T13:05:37.1891644Z d----- 11/12/2019 7:05 AM l
2019-11-12T13:05:37.1992731Z Importing module F:\Agent1_work_tasks\UiPathPackage_0e237901-8ece-4bc9-bedf-05ed7f0e98d5\1.0.46\RobotScripts\RobotExecutor-PublicModule.psd1
2019-11-12T13:05:37.3444416Z ##[warning]Some imported command names contain one or more of the following restricted characters: # , ( ) {{ }} & - / \ $ ^ ; : " ’ < > | ? @ ` * % + = ~
2019-11-12T13:05:37.3460981Z Importing module F:\Agent1_work_tasks\UiPathPackage_0e237901-8ece-4bc9-bedf-05ed7f0e98d5\1.0.46\RobotScripts\UiPathPackage-Module.psd1
2019-11-12T13:05:37.4605765Z Importing module F:\Agent1_work_tasks\UiPathPackage_0e237901-8ece-4bc9-bedf-05ed7f0e98d5\1.0.46\OrchestratorPowershell\UiPath.PowerShell
2019-11-12T13:05:37.5028645Z 12.11.2019 07:05:37: Deploying F:\BuildWorkset\xxxxxxxxx\xxxxx\xxxxx to http://uipathdev.m*.***m.com
2019-11-12T13:05:58.4359357Z ##[error]The operation returned an error: 0: An error has occurred.
2019-11-12T13:05:58.4825263Z ##[section]Finishing: UiPath deploy

FINAL ERROR FROM TFS : The operation returned an error: 0: An error has occurred.


Hi Bala,
Since the logs don’t give more information after “Deploying”,
Can you check if the nuget package is available in temp location ?
If yes, please check the size of the package. It shouldn’t exceed >30 mb

Also, I notice the dev env URL is http instead of https. Please check that too!!
Let us know how the debugging went.