UiPath Test Suite Course - Feedback Space

Hi @Atishay_Shrivastava! The reporting capabilities for testing are covered by the Test Manager application. This one is not yet available in Community edition, it’s only in Enterprise licenses.

For the second question, I think we would need more context or an example to understand better the business case. Did you use the Data-Driven Test Case functionality in StudioPro? This allows you run the same scenario for as many test data sets from an Excel file. Maybe this helps?


yes, I got it my 1st answer but 2nd one I think you need an explanation for that this question not related to test-driven developments(DDT) this question related to access the small activity just for an example, suppose you have one class and in class, we have defined the so many methods so we have to access them in another class method should be named like creating PO docs and submit docs so I have to access these methods in TC.

I hope you understand my point

Hi @Atishay_Shrivastava,

I am not sure I understand. Maybe you can start from the Invoke Method or Invoke Code activity and specify how would the activities that you need look like.


@RZVP Thanks for your response, if we include all scenarios in single testcase, we might need to manually create bug using Test Manager then?

Assume we have 3 different user stories for ‘submitting'Re-opening’and ‘deleting’ a report…

In dependency test:
TC-01: create a report and submit it.
TC-02: re-open the report
TC-03: delete the re-opened ticket.

If we create a single workflow and make it a end-to-end test, How are we linking the user stories with the bugs found in this single testcase when using Test manager?
We will not be able to know which functionality is broken, so we still need to do things manually?

Please advise, we use dependency test a lot

I’m afraid I can’t help with this. Maybe @ThomasStocker can provide his insight.


I’m not able to see the Testing related options in uipath orchestrator. Can someone please help me.


Hi @vaibhav2.chavan,

Did you follow these instructions to set up the Test functionalities in the Community Orchestrator?

@RZVP - Thanks my issue is resolved now.

When creating a Test Set in Orchestrator using a project published from UiPath StudioPro containing 6 test cases, can you include only 4 of them?

Hi @Suman7,

Yes, as long as they are from the same project published from Studio Pro. Basically, when you create the Test Set, after you choose the environment and the project which was published, you get to check the test cases you want to use.


Thank you for asking about our feedback :slightly_smiling_face:
The course is very interesting but unfortunately, I couldn’t practice all the courses because the Test Manager is not available in the Community version.
I have a question about the Data-Driven option
Is it available in the Studio Pro Community version? because I found only the test case option.

Waiting for your reply.
Thank you in advance

Hi @nourchene.ben-elouehma,

Data-driven testing is available in community Studio Pro. There are slight changes to the product UI, but here’s how you can use it: create a simple test case, then right-click it to add test data from a source file.


Thank you for your quick reply :slight_smile:
It works for me.
Have a nice day.