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I’m afraid I can’t help with this. Maybe @ThomasStocker can provide his insight.


I’m not able to see the Testing related options in uipath orchestrator. Can someone please help me.


Hi @vaibhav2.chavan,

Did you follow these instructions to set up the Test functionalities in the Community Orchestrator?

@RZVP - Thanks my issue is resolved now.

When creating a Test Set in Orchestrator using a project published from UiPath StudioPro containing 6 test cases, can you include only 4 of them?

Hi @Suman7,

Yes, as long as they are from the same project published from Studio Pro. Basically, when you create the Test Set, after you choose the environment and the project which was published, you get to check the test cases you want to use.


Thank you for asking about our feedback :slightly_smiling_face:
The course is very interesting but unfortunately, I couldn’t practice all the courses because the Test Manager is not available in the Community version.
I have a question about the Data-Driven option
Is it available in the Studio Pro Community version? because I found only the test case option.

Waiting for your reply.
Thank you in advance

Hi @nourchene.ben-elouehma,

Data-driven testing is available in community Studio Pro. There are slight changes to the product UI, but here’s how you can use it: create a simple test case, then right-click it to add test data from a source file.


Thank you for your quick reply :slight_smile:
It works for me.
Have a nice day.


I’m using 2020.10.3 community studio pro version I didn’t have the data driven test case option in my studio.Could you please let me know.

Hi @swethagodi,

Please see the answer right above your question to make use of the data-driven feature.


Hi @swethagodi,

I’m afraid the issue is not very clear for me. It would help to attach some screenshots perhaps.

Some things to consider:

  • make sure that the test cases in Studio Pro are all set as publishable
  • if you are using a modern folders setup, make sure you have set the right permissions for the users in Orchestrator
  • make sure you include the right test cases in the test set and that there are no dependencies for the execution


Sorry, still not clear. Maybe you have some condition there. But is it related to the content of the course itself? Because if it’s not, I would invite you to open a thread in the product section, under Test Suite. Other community contributors may be able to support and also the product managers.

Yes it is related to the content of the course.In studio pro test cases are working fine but when I executing through orchestrator I’m facing this type of issue.

But what is in the 5 test cases? Can you attach the project published with all the XAML files?

I got the test manager from the UiPath Insider program and finally had some time to do some testing with it.
Please see my findings as positive criticism. I would like see some updates on the Test Suite course(s) with updated products, working files and updated videos and screens.

Another point that people should consider. Jira is ending on-premise server support in 2024. They will ask customers to move to the cloud. Atlassian Server end of life (sale/support) information

Update: I am depending on this: UIPath Jira Cloud - #7 by jvanmarion
As soon as the cloud app is released i will do further testing on it.

Minor update: i got my connection from Uipath CE orchestrator to Jira now, but in Jira i cannot add the UiPath Testmanager (Which isn’t available for cloud). So i got a step further, but still missing the cloud app for test manager.

But…There is no cloud app available. Will a cloud app be build? > UIPath Jira Cloud - #7 by jvanmarion

I cannot connect my studio CE to my CE Test manager cloud edition. Im getting a warning about IE not being supported, while i have chrome as my default browser. I don’t even have IE 11 installed anymore. So authentication is not possible. So hopefully that will get fixed too in future updates.

All in all, i got local testing working with datadriven testing, althoug it works a bit different now. (which was my maingoal of this course), but testing with TestManager is not working. i cannot connect my Studio to the CE testmanager so it’s a bit useless.

Another thing is that the Test Manager button is not there anymore. It has moved to Project settings. If you are new to studio, you probably won’t be able to find it.
Edit2: I was looking for the configuration button for Testmanager and i thought that would be the same.
So in that case an addition to the course would be usefull on how to connect your studio to Testmanager;)

Edit: Maybe the button will appear as soon as i have a connection with Test Manager? (which i don’t have, so the button is missing? (/Just a thought)

The Create Loan.zip is missing the Test case files:. Make sure to download the “All Test Cases.zip”. That one contains all the files, but still you have to rebuild the project packages.

The package is outdated. Uninstall of old packages needed first.
There is no new activity for UiPath.UIAutomationNext.Activities, so just delete that one. Maybe when creating courses, only use the stable packages?

This is working:

Workflow type: Datadriven test case does not exist anymore

You cannot find Test schedule anymore in the New Orchestrator. UiPath has changed the Orchestrator layout last year (pretty much everything) Second, the answer should check more on contains rather than exact words.

I had the same remarks as jvanmarion so is there or will there be updated courses on “UiPath Test Suite” for the enterprise Cloud license ?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

@mhadhbi_houssem yes, we will update the UiPath Test Suite courses in the coming months. please follow the Forum for the official announcement.

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I already forgot about this topic, because of no response. I see that the cloud app is available now, but you still have the issues present in the course?
Than i rather wait until they have fixed the course befor i try again.

Hi @jvanmarion ! I apologize for not answering you, I somehow missed your query the first time.

Test Manager is available in Automation Cloud now. But the course was created with the 2020.4 version of UiPath Platform on-premises (Studio Pro, Orchestrator, Test Manager), so it is not forward compatible. We are aware of the differences between what is shown in the course and the newer version of UiPath. As I wrote above, we’re working on updating the UiPath Test Suite course and it will take 2-3 months to have it released.

The first zip in the course is meant to give you only the initial files, using which you can create the test cases, step by step, following the instructions in the video.

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