UiPath terminal Wizard

Hey guys,
i have a same problem but there have no reply so i copy this topic again

(I am using UiPath Trial Edition.

Referred to link below, I’d like to emulate AS/400 Emulator by UiPth with Automating Terminal Extension.

When I filled in all parameters in Configure Connection at Terminal Session Node and click [OK], UiPath didn’t launch terminal Wizard automatically.
However, I run the project included with configured Terminal Session Node and only Delay 10 seconds Node, AS/400 emulator opened as I expected.

Can I launch the UiPath terminal Wizard manually?

Developing environment)
OS: Windows 10, Update 1703
uiPath trial Edition
AS/400 Emulator: IBM Access Client Manager ver1.1.7.0
UiPath Terminal session - configure connection - Provider : UiPath Internal )

Thank you for your any help.

Hi @quanghieuci,

As far as I know, no, you cannot launch the wizard manually.
But maybe there should be a way.

I’ll add it as an insight in our Product Board, thank you for point this out.