UiPath Terminal Wizard not opening


I am using UiPath Internal to connect to my AS400 system.

I want to know, how to reopen the UiPath Terminal Wizard for the same project after closing uipath.

For example, I started UiPath → Created a New project (Flowchart) - > Used Terminal Session Activity (UiPath Internal) → provided the required inputs for Configure Connection → 2 different window opened - i. Connection window (In this window, automation test is done) 2. UiPath Terminal Wizard window (terminal activities are used for creating automation flow) → Now I closed both these windows and Uipath also after saving the project and re-opened the same project in UiPath, but unable to open the UiPath Terminal Wizard window to proceed further with further automation.

You can create a test.xaml and again you have to start with a terminal wizard.
Resume your automation/Add your related activities to complete your process.
After completing, cut all the activities (from terminal activity- test.xaml) and add them inside the main workflow.

This way you will be using only one terminal activity wizard.
Else you have to capture all the required fields in one go without exiting out of the terminal wizard.


Hi @jibanjyoti, I didn’t get you. Can you pls explain a little more?

Your main workflow is Main.xaml. You cant reopen the same terminal wizard to resume the process of capturing screens.
So i suggest to create a separate test.xaml file and add a fresh new terminal wizard. (Make sure that you have opened the screen of Terminal application in which you want to resume the screen capture.)

Once done, cut all the activities except the terminal wizard and paste them back in the main.xaml after the last step but inside the terminal activity.

This won’t help as the processes are too big and to navigate to that stage where I had left earlier would be another big task.

Thanks for your help.

You can run the workflow in order to reach the stage where you have left. Automatically the execution will stop.
After that you can continue as per the steps explained.