"UiPath.Terminal.Host has stopped working" error occurring randomly


We are getting the attached error (“UiPath.Terminal.Host has stopped working”) randomly on our unattended production bot.
Has anyone else encountered this, if yes, what is the resolution.
The bot connects to terminal via session manager (Bluezone).

The error comes infrequently thus it is difficult to replicate.

There are no system/application event logs on the windows server.

UiPath version - 2019.4.4
Windows Server 2016

Uipath.Terminal.Host error screenshot


If you are a enterprise user then raise a technical support ticket with UiPath and check this.

Done have logged it with the enterprise support. Will post here if i get any update.

@yash_shah1 - Can you please share if the issue has been fixed after logging the ticket with UiPath Enterprise Support?

Any update please from the Support Team ?

Thank you in advance.