UIpath Terminal Activities

UiPath Terminal Activities v2.3.0

Using telnet connection to a mainframe process. The issue is we are unable to logout, and getting this error from uipath before uipath quits.

Whenever using the transmit key: clear The process crashes uipath Image attached!
UIPath Issue|375x211

Configure Settings:
Provider: Direct Connection
Address *****
Port: ****
Type: TN3270
Protocol: TELNET
Termininal Mode: IBM 3278-5 (27x132)
Encoding: IBM037

OK - More Details–

The issue seems to be connected to a Terminal Session → Configure Connection

I need to change Terminal Mode: IBM 3278-5 (27x132)
to: IBM 3278-2 (24x80)

Without closing the connection!

Output of my terminal connection session is:
TerminalConnection { Connected=true, ConnectionString="{‘AttachExisting’:false,‘ConnectionProtocol’:0,‘ConnectionType’:1,‘EhllBasicMode’:false,‘EhllDll’:null,‘EhllEnhanced’:true,‘EhllFunction’:‘hllapi’,‘EhllSession’:‘A’,‘EnableSSL’:false,‘Host’:‘a.host.com’,‘InProcessMode’:false,‘InternalEncoding’:‘IBM037’,‘Mode’:1,‘Port’:23,‘Profile’:null,‘ProviderType’:9,‘ShowTerminal’:true,‘TerminalModel’:3,‘TerminalType’:0}" }

So can I change this setting in this string?
maybe TerminalModel ?