UIPath Task Capture failing to go into capture mode

We are trying to use UIPath Task Capture version 2021.10 (also 2022.04) and the task capture wizard is coming up in capture mode but not for everyone.

(we select these buttons: New Document, Capture Process and the ‘Start Capture’ button/wizard appears in the upper right corner to allow clicking for capturing to begin.)

The people that cannot get the capture wizard to start have errors in their task capture log file as follows:

[WARN][22-07-25 10:22:53.349][22.4.0]: pipe isn’t exists
[ERROR][22-07-25 10:22:53.350][22.4.0]: CAPTURING => multi-capture start failed
[INFO][22-07-25 10:22:53.350][22.4.0]: MULTI-CAPTURE:STOP HOOK
[INFO][22-07-25 10:22:53.364][22.4.0]: window closed successfully
[INFO][22-07-25 10:22:53.365][22.4.0]: changeStatus: newStatus===none
[INFO][22-07-25 10:22:53.365][22.4.0]: CAPTURING => multi-capture => stopped event handler => send IPC stopped event
[INFO][22-07-25 10:23:29.059][22.4.0]: CAPTURING HOOK:START CAPTURING EVENT
[INFO][22-07-25 10:23:30.255][22.4.0]: pipe name generated:
[INFO][22-07-25 10:23:30.255][22.4.0]: spawn bootstraper…
[INFO][22-07-25 10:23:30.260][22.4.0]: check when exists
[INFO][22-07-25 10:23:30.261][22.4.0]: PipeConnectTimeout:
[INFO][22-07-25 10:23:30.261][22.4.0]: checkPeriod:
[100," remaining: ",6000]
[INFO][22-07-25 10:23:30.374][22.4.0]: checkPeriod:

Was there ever a resolution to this? One of my users is experiencing the same thing today.

I currently have a call open with UI Path support (01956595) for this, technician’s name is Norbert. There is a built in 8 second time out hard coded into Task Capture. We were told that we were the only ones who had this problem…

In the next version of task capture the time out will be configurable, via a JSON file, I am currently awaiting a link to download a pre-release version to test if that resolves the issue.