UIPath taking unrequested actions in Chrome at end of Flowchart process

Hi All,

I’ve created a UIPath flowchart to do the following things:

  1. It opens a form on Chrome.
  2. It fills out the form.

For the most part these two things are working ok - there are still some issues but they seem resolvable.

However, my issue is that once I fill out the form and the process is ended, for some reason the filled out form is being saved - there is nothing in the process that is telling Chrome to click save so I’m not sure why this is happening.

I need it to load the information in to the form and change the required things, without actually saving the form.

Thank you in advance for any assistance on this. Please note - Internet Explorer doesn’t seem to be an option - it doesn’t seem to work with the website at all (even without UIPath).

Please see below for save button:

Why would UIPath do something at the end of a flowchart that it wasn’t instructed to?

How would I stop that from happening?

Do you key in enter at the end of filling out the forms? Or does the mouse physically go to the button and click save?

Hacky workaround might be to put a click activity somewhere off the form straight after entering your details so it focuses off the form in Chrome.

Thank you for the ideas, has given me a few things to think about.

It’s a strange one - it doesn’t key ‘enter’ and pushing the enter key wouldn’t submit the form. It also doesn’t move the mouse so it isn’t actually clicking on the button…

It finishes doing everything it needs to, and then on closing it just decides to submit the form.

I’ve also tried to use the workaround but unfortunately it is still saving the form before clicking on anything else.

Can you upload the workflow I might be able to see something.

From what you’ve written, your workflow closes chrome after its completed entering the data? I wonder if UiPath automatically submits forms on close how it autosaves excel documents on close. might be worth looking at the ‘invoke code’ activity to use javascript or something to close the tab without saving.