Uipath taking too long time for 2nd iteration

For 2nd and multiple iteartion it is taking too long time to select an element
I have changed in target block >wait for ready to “none”

Is the page where you are trying to access that element is taking more time to get loaded completely, or even though the pages gets loaded, is that element taking more time to get loaded in the page
Cheers @KarthikBallary

though the page is loaded

element is loaded but taking around 30 seconds

hello @KarthikBallary

can you please tell me the activity you used.

spl key down, screen scarpping

it is taking time only for 2nd and multiple iteration

what is the reason for sending hotkey down

when the input is given in search box to fetch the obtain result and to slelect the result down+enter. to enter it is taking time

can you share the workfow …?

I am finding issue in element exists

we have same for both the iteration. is req to replace by *?

can you send the selector (pls share it through txt file)

this is what we have


did u get anything