UiPath Taking time to process data

I’ve created my BoT in Re-Framework.

Now issue is it taking more time to skip entries from input file that no action required.

For example,
In input file we have 1000+ rows of data & out of that 600 already completed.
Now as per my code, if in input file for a row if status is Pass then no action required & move to next entry.
But to skip all 600 rows BoT takes 15-20 minutes.

Can anyone knows how to fix this ?

For faster processing of data, Use DataTable, you can take first few rows of the DataTable (say 200) of data and process after that you can process next 200 records, if you able to split the data, then the process will be faster, as the input is having huge rows of data, so it will takes some time to process.

Hope this helps you


Hi @Sanjeet

As @Srini84 suggestions you can split the data or you can add items to queue and process the data


I’ll try this & check. Thanks for the idea.

Hi @Sanjeet

Before processing, you can sort the datatable first so that you will only process the rows where status is not equal to “Pass”.

Thanks and regards.