UiPath.System.Activities v21.6.1-preview issue

I try to stay up to date with new versions for the packages I use, so I recently updated my UiPath.System.Activities package to v21.6.1-preview. However, when I did this, my Invoke Code activity stopped working and began giving me an error. The error is “The process cannot access the file ‘C:\FileLocation\wf5likjb.dey’ because it is being used by another process.” This error is showing prior to me even running my workflow (which I know works) and I found that this file is just randomly being added to this file locations with a seemingly random file name. Even when I delete this file, a new one appears a few seconds later with a new random name and gives me the error again.

I’m currently on Studio 2020.10.4 and this error only occurs when I update my UiPath.System.Activities package to v21.6.1-preview. For the time being, I’m okay with using the older version of the UiPath.System.Activities package, but wanted to make you aware of this issue.

@mxw548 thanks for reporting this.

Can you please share a project where this replicates? Also if you could post a print screen of the error might help us.