UiPath.System.Activities Blocked

Hello everyone,

I am unable to open any pop ups in studio. I get the below error. we have whitelisting in place. Please advise. @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando @JuveriaSiddiqui @seanrockvz13


Same issue for input dialog as well

Thank you in advance.


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Below thread might help you.

As mentioned in the post. The whitelisting is in place.
The whole folder path %USERPROFILE%.nuget\packages has been whitelisted.


Because of that reason Message Box activity is not executing. If you want to use it then connect with your IT team and change the policy and here nothing to do with UiPath.

To print the values use Log Message or Write Line activities instead of Message Box activity.

@vkshambhu ,

Plz check with you admin team to resolve this issue. Admin team will have to update the group policy here. is there any softwares restricting your system access like ZScalar?


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