UiPath supports multiple languages systems?

Hello guys. So this is the problem: I need to automate a enterprise database system(used by a bank) that was built on multiple languages such as delphi, java, and others. My question is if it’s possible to automate this with more accuracy, as we are facing strong incompatibility in some parts of the automation, automatically reducing robot precision. The robot needs to loop through subscriptions, click on check boxes and to fill in forms inside the database system, and sometimes just crash and start again because of the interaction between uipath and the system.

Uipath can work with many types of applications, pretty much anything, but i am unsure which kind of answer you need here as we dont know your applications…

can i have some examples in specific

Cheers @SamuelXK

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Delphi XE and Java 8 with dev express components

Delphi XE and Java 8 with dev express

no buddy
i meant the error or issue you were facing

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hi @SamuelXK Welcome back to UIPATH Community
for your question simple answer is YES
but for the multiple language using in your company , as you the developer you have to decide what is the best workflow to design (as my company is in same platform that you mention )
so yes actually it is possible , what you have to do is adopt your code design in to behavior of your systems (eg : your one of system might be slower but UIPATH robot try to entering data by fast so then your code will be crash)

and also if you explain more about we can support you with a better solutions


No errors are shown by studio. The proccess runs automatically with orchestrator schedules, and when some part of the integration with database fails (most selectors problems), it restarts the job and proccess and try again, getting different selectors errors because of it. it keeps crashing and restarting , sometimes it works, sometimes it does not