UIpath support needed


I have requirement like iam taking value of count =1 in if condition and when condition matches 1value =1 it will come in then condition and 2value =2 , i want the 1value of then part should be concatenated with 2value with comma separated…and 3value should be concatenated with 1value,2value,3value

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HI @T_Y_Raju

Can you share sample input and output ?


Hey @T_Y_Raju

You can try with two methods for this,

1. String Concatenation Function

This will help you to append strings whenever required. Example as below.

stringOutput = stringOutput + "1value"

2. String List

Add all your strings to be concatenated into a list of string & then the same can be joined with a separator

stringOutput = String.Join(",",listStrings)

Hope this helps