UiPath Stuido With SAP GRC


Currently we are working on integrating UiPath with SAP GRC. Is there any info or related videos on how to automate SAP GRC and security related usecases in SAP? Please do help out .


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Hey @s.swapna8

Could you please explain what is SAP GRC and what do you wanna do exactly ?

Also share some web link for the same.


SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (SAP GRC) is a security tool which can be used to ensure companies to meet data security and authorization standards.


HI @s.swapna8

You can automate any SAP Process and any SAP Use Case.

UiPath supports automation across all SAP user interfaces, therefore we do not have any specific limitation to any specific use case and whatever SAP automation you see in the internet is also valid for your use case.

One of examples is here: See Automate SAP S/4HANA business processes across all user interfaces at UiPath EMEA&APAC Virtual Events

Automation across all SAP interfaces.

If you like, share your business process here and we will confirm, that it can be automated

Best regards, Lev


thank you @LevKushnir


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