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Hello there!

I’m learning the “Build-a-bot” topic but every time I try to replicate the exercise (Variables in Uipath- Module) in Uipath Studio I do have some trouble.

I tried to input the “Digit1” after dragging the “Assign” activity, however it’s not being recognized by the Uipath Studio.

The following warning appears - Compiler error encountered while processing expression “Digit1”.

What can I do in order to solve this situation?

Thank you,

Hey there
I have the same problem. Have you able to resolve it. Please share the solution with me

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Hi, I have question rearding Pivot Table in Currency Converter video. As I saw Create Pivot Table activity was under activity Excel For Each Row…Nonetheless author of video can find Field “Location”.
When I do the same step by step I cannot find “Location” -(( Only if I will include “Create Pivot Table” into privious activity “Excrl For Each Row”…I cannot understand where I do mistake.