Buenas! Queria saber si me podrian dar una mano con una idea que tengo de automatización con UIPATH STUDIOX. La idea seria que mi robot tome las distintas paginas web (adjuntadas en una columna de excel), las vaya abriendo una por una, y finalmente si la pagina solicitada no funciona (tira un error, o esta en mantenimiento, no carga, etc) me complete con “NO” en una columna de excel llamada “Funciona”. Y en el caso de funcionar que complete con un “SI”. Se puede realizar esto? En caso de ser asi como lo puedo realizar? Me quede en la parte que complete “NO” si no funciona la pagina.

Desde ya muchas gracias!

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Good! I wanted to know if you could give me a hand with an idea that I have of automation with UIPATH STUDIOX. The idea would be for my robot to take the different web pages (attached in an excel column), open them one by one, and finally if the requested page does not work (it throws an error, or is in maintenance, does not load, etc.) I completed with “NO” in an excel column called “Works”. And in the case of working, complete with a “YES”. Can this be done?
If so, how can I do it? I stay in the part that completes “NO” if the page does not work.

From already thank you very much!

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@Atejera Hi , This is possible. The steps which might help you to solve this are listed below:

  1. Use Excel File activity to open the excel file where the data would be stored
  2. Use Browser activity to open a browser to navigate to the page
  3. Use For Each Row activity to iterate row by row of the PAGE column
  4. Use Read Cell activity to get the current row value of PAGE column
  5. Use If activity to check if the value is empty
  6. If empty write NO to current row of WORKS column
  7. If not empty check if the page exist of not
  8. If exist write YES to current row of column WORKS
  9. If not exist write NO to current row of column WORKS

Here is the screenshot of the workflow which might help you. Let me know, if that helps you or not.

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Thanks a lot Robin! I thank you! Is there any way to pass the images to me again? Because you can’t really see what it says! Thank you again in advance! Cheers!

@Atejera Here they are.

If it resolves your issue you can mark it as solved.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My two queries I have are: where did you get the “Link” from (how do I generate that Link) and on the other hand, in the step of using check app state “if that” where did you get the screenshot.

Thank you again!


Firstly, Here “Link” is a variable which I created to store values for later use. In “Link” I was storing values of PAGE column which was provided in the excel. For Each Row of the excel file “Link” was storing the PAGE column value inside it.

For example, on the 1st iteration,

Link = https://twitter.com/

So, on the first iteration in the browser we visit that webpage.

On the 2nd iteration,

Link = https://www.youtube.com/

After getting that link we visit that webpage. And it continues.

Secondly, when you will use check app state activity, you will see that the activity needs you to indicate an element to check its state. Here I was indicating something which comes when we try to search for a website which is not valid. You can indicate anything from those kind of sites to check the state of the web page.

I hope you got the idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot! It served me a lot and it worked correctly!

Regarding indicating an element to check the status, as different errors appear I decided to use a URL check, and it worked perfectly!

My 2 new questions are now:

  1. If when entering a page it redirects me to another, how could I make it so that in an excel column it marks “YES” in case of redirecting and “NO” in case of not redirecting (that is, how to build uipath so that you know that was redirected to another page and completed the excel with “YES”) ??
  2. and the last one, if in case of entering a page (for example “facebook.com”) after loading its URL it changes to “https://www.facebook.com/”, that is, that "is added. https “how could I mark in an excel column with” YES "that has that https?

Again thank you very much!

@Atejera Here is what I think about your queries:

  1. You can add delay and check if its redirecting to any working page.

  2. You can check if the part of the url consist of your desired website. And after checking that you mark that as YES in excel.

I hope these give you some ideas. Thanks!

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