Uipath Studio X Community is free?

Good Morning
I am taking the “RPA Starter” course, I already had the “Uipath Studio Community” which was a free license.
In the course “RPA Starter”, it says to uninstall “Uipath Studio” and install “Uipath Studio X” to make a project.
I didn’t delete the “Uipath Studio Community”, instead in the “Uipath Studio Community”, I triggered an option that said “Uipath Studio X”.

I stayed with the “Uipath Studio X Community”.
My question is whether this is payable or free?

I am grateful for an answer, because I am afraid of being paid and do not feel calm.

Thank you
best regards
Frederico Nina


Yes UiPath Studio X community is free. UiPath, as far as I have run into, has no hidden fees and are upfront with charges and costs. If it is a product that requires payment, they wont let a non paying account access it and ask for money later, the keys and licenses must be purchased first before access will be granted.

Thanks JosephNehl