UIpath Studio with SAP jobs

Hiya I wanna regularly check(3 times a day) whether some jobs in SAP system are running as design - should be “Finished”, thus “Canceled” or no run should be marked as abnormal.
Any ideas about how to achieve this? Should I simply search the “Status” in SM37 page or an OCR & “IF” can be used for this satudation?
Thanks indavanced for any kinda help :slight_smile:


Hello Liri,
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One possible way is in SM37 to export your job overview as local file …


… and to parse the list …

… or as Excel spreadsheet and to work with that.

Best regards

Hiya Stefan, thanks for ur reply first :slight_smile:
This is indeed a great idea, I too created a demo this way
But we got too many jobs need to check per time, for example, at 3 am we need check 30 jobs, some are daily while some runs every 5 mins…
This way may be a little bit slow… do we have any other ideas or tools can help on this?
Again, still thanks for your reply XD