UiPath Studio v2017

I am wondering if I can download UiPath Studio in 2017 version?
I want to automate an application, and I found the error - “uipath.core.selectorNotFoundException”.
Someone mentioned my situation before, refer to UiPath Studio needs to be run as an administrator - #6 by hellitonwoo. So, I want to use the same way as he did, to solve my problem.

Hi @venus,
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In case of Enterprise Edition (if you have license). You can contact about it here:

In case of Community Edition there’s no possibility to download old versions.

Where can I get the latest stable version of UiPath? I tried installing 2019.8 but no directory is getting formed and I am unable to re-open the Studio once it is closed.

The latest version is always available in platform.uipath.com here:

Community Edition is installing in “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\UiPath”.

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Thanks @Pablito

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Hi Pablito,

Thank you for your reply! I am using the Community Edition. Can you suggest any method to solve my problem?

UiPath was not able to recognize any UI elements initially but when we ran UiPath as administrator, it is able to recognize UI elements but it’s still failing for each activity while running the workflow.

Is there a solution to this?

i guess there is some problem in finding the directory of Studio… Any suggestions?

I need more details. Can you show example of activity, it’s configuration, and what error does it show?

AppData is by default hidden system folder. You need to enable showing such folders