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Why the Community edition of UiPath automatically updated to beta version Studio 2019.10.0-beta.200 and update channel was set to Preview instead of Stable ???

Vishal Kumar

Hi @vishal.kumar,

To change it to the stable version go to Home inside uipath studio, then press help then click stable. Then just restart uipath.
Preview changes very often.


Check and change this option to “Stable” in the UiPath stuido under Help menu.
So you will get only Stable version update alone.


Hi guys,

I knew how to go to Stable channel. But my question is -

Earlier I had set to stable update channel but with the latest release it is updated to beta version and update channel is set to preview. Why this happened ?

Vishal Kumar

Community Edition is always up to date, as it automatically updates itself as soon as a new version is available, be it Stable or Beta.

You can choose between the two update channels, Stable or Beta, from the Start Backstage view, in the Help tab.

Please note that once you change your selection, you have to restart the application for the change to take effect.

For more details on this here you go with a document

Cheers @vishal.kumar

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