UiPath Studio unexpected exit code 0xE0434352 while loading big json files one at the time

Hello everyone,

I’ve stumbled on a problem that results in process failing and giving me this error unexpected exit code 0xE0434352. I noticed the problem is related to lack of memory. In the process that my client wants to be done, it is required to load few json files (one at the time), while loading second (or further) file, memory exceeds 6Gbs/8Gbs on his developement environment (so there is still plenty left to use), causing a crash (this also happens on my own local machine if memory is filled too much).
What I do exactly is I read the json file as a text and place it into string variable, then I use json deserialize activity to create jobject out of it. I assume it could be a problem related to garbage collector not deallocating some variables or perhaps my approach could be done differently and less memory dependent. Is there anything I can do?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Franek_BCM

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I’m not sure if this would help, but have you tried parsing it using as simple Assign activity:

yourJObjectVar = JObject.Parse(yourStringVarHere)