UiPath Studio Trial License renewal issue

My Trial has expired. When try to open Ui path it shows the following prompt. To renew the trial license there is an option in uipath web to enter device id. But as I can’t open the uipath application, I can’t find the device id.
My studio version is 20.x. hence regutil.exe is not available. I tried with .\UiPath.LicenseTool.exe but it doesn’t;t show device id. I re-installed Ui Path studio but the same prompt comes. Note that if I try using the first trial license code, it shows an error - ‘The license has expired’

Hi, you can mention your OS (Windows 10/Windows Server 2012 R2) instead of Device ID, that should be fine. If you want to provide Device ID, you can find it here in Windows 10. If I am not wrong, device ID is not UiPath specific it’s system specific information.