Uipath Studio setup version 2019 download for Windows 7

Is there any link to download 2019 version community edition studio setup file. Recent 2021.4 do not support Windows 7 installation.

@Santosh_C you can manually download last version that is working for windows7 from here but keep in mind that you will not be getting the latest functionality.


The link does not work properly:

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Check now, I had a small type in my previous URL

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Working. Thanks.

thanks a lot friend for uipath 2019.4 with windows 7 OS software

Hello , I am getting same issue during installation. I have downloaded from above URL that you mention, unfortunately its giving me error and saying install it manually. How can I install manually for window 7. Thanks in advance.

Hello @Mamta.gosain ,

Can you put a screenshot with the error you receive?


Hello @wasea , thank you for your reply. I have updated my windows 7 to windows 10 and installed UIpath successfully. :slight_smile: