UiPath Studio running in same windows user

Hello guys,

I have a doubt about UiPath licenses and users in Windows.

Can I develop at Studio with 2 windows users in same the machine in parallel with the same license?

Hi @Caio_Silva_BR,
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Studio Community Edition by default is installing in particular user’s app data folder. This means it’s configured for this user only.

Thanks for the answer,

And about the Entreprise? The installation is in C:

Yes, in case of Enterprise it’s installed per Machine.

Pablito, hi!

I had the same doubt regarding the Uipath Enterprise Studio installation… can I make a dual access (two remote desktops logged in at the same time on a machine) and use the same Studio license ?

Hi @Lucas_Turbuk_BR,
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In this case all is related to the licensing model. More information you can see here: