Uipath studio project became (read only) after transfer to another machine

Hi Guys,

I’m using the community edition. I wrote a ui path project and ran it on my vm on mac and it was working fine. Next I moved it on to another vm on the cloud nut upon opening it, the project became (read only) on Uipath Studio and I can’t edit it. Kindly advise.


hope you are not running it from the zipped folder. if you have not unzipped the folder you will get this error

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@wzlim1024 ,

I hope you are running it from the downloaded folder itself or from the temp folder. I got the same issue earlier. Got it resolved opening it after moving to some other folder.

Try doing that once

Hey @wzlim1024,

Please remove the package.json file and try to run the project from main.xaml again.


This helped me so much. What a legend. :slight_smile: