UIPath Studio Pro profile is missing

UIPath Studio Pro profile is not displayed in my UIPath Studio License and Profile.

  1. Open UIPath Studio
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Navigate to License and Profile
  4. Click on Change Profile

is it community or enterprise? and what version are you on?

Do you see a Pro license in your orchestrator home page?

you also need to assign the user a pro license from orchestrator

This video shows the steps foe community version

Getting started with UiPath Studio Pro

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In the latest 21.10, Studio profile and Studio Pro profile are unified to Studio profile.
Now we can use previous Pro feature (C#,testing etc.) in Studio profile.



Hi @Sreelekshmi_GS,

If you are using studio version < 2021.10.1, then please refer below post for how to resolve this:

And if your version is >=2021.10.1, then as @Yoichi mentioned, studio pro profile is merged with studio now, so you wont see any studiopro profile there but will still be able to use all studio pro features under studio itself.
Please refer below post for same:


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