UiPath Studio patches to fix the issue

Recently, we updated the Edge browser to the latest version. And after that, all RPA bots are failing. If any fix has been provided by UiPath then how should we know about it?

Where should we find the patches provided by UiPath for a specific version?

Thanks & Regards,
Sakru Jarpula.


Please check this

It was identified …waiting for update…there is a workaround in the mean time


Hi @jarpula_Sakru
Yes, Facing the issue and reported.
Check the thread

Hope it helps!!

Hi @jarpula_Sakru ,

As others have mentioned, you can refer to this UiPath forum post for available workarounds:

Today we added an update there regarding a workaround we implemented in UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package version 23.8.0-preview.

You can further check that forum post for updates on this issue.