UiPath Studio opens in read only mode

do u got the solution for this ?

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Why does UiPath Studio open in read only mode?

When running the project, the project enters the read-only mode. This way, UiPath ensures that the code or workflow is not altered while it is running.

  • If the workflow is opened from a .rar or .zip file, it also shows read-only. In this case, extract the workflow and run the process.

Attended - UiPath Studio is used with an Attended license, which means that the user can only run or debug processes, and not edit the workflows.

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Didn’t understand your question.

I’ve been wondering about the sudden read only mode also. ChatGPT tells me:
“If your workflow appears to go into read-only mode while it’s running a flow and then returns to normal afterward, it’s not a typical behavior of UiPath Studio.
UiPath Studio doesn’t typically switch to read-only mode during the execution of a workflow. The read-only mode is more commonly associated with issues related to file permissions, version control, or file locking.”

I have checked and double-checked all my permissions, should be good to go. I’v got permissions.
Why does UiPath Studio keep going in the read-only mode while running the workflow? It lets me build the workflow alright, just goes into read only mode when running.

This is by design.

While running/debugging, your workflows will be set in ReadOnly state.

If you want to perform modifications to workflows, do them while you are not running or debugging your workflows, and then test them.

You can modify the properties of the current activity and the values of variables and arguments by hovering over their Value field, clicking the button next to them, and then making edits in the Local Value window while debugging. The edits made in the Local Value window are not saved in the file. After debugging is finished, the old values are still present in the Designer.

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