Uipath studio not able to launch

The following error in the image occuring when i am trying to launch the studio …This is occuring when i uninstalled the uipath studio and reinstalled it in my system.The activation was successful but post to that when i am launching it iam facing this error.Please help me out with this.


Hi @VineethM

Does this happen every time you open Studio? Or when you Run a specific workflow?
Also, please provide the Studio version.

Thank for your response…This issue got fixed after reinstalling the studio.
Now i am facing a new issue that i am not able to see the activities installed from pacakges in my activities pane …even though i reinstall them or update them i am not able to see those.

Is this happening with a particular package? Do you have the Community Edition installed?
After installing a package, try restart Studio(although this shouldn’t be necessary).

Only these are the activities i am getting even after installing from the manage packages


@VineethM install packages

I have installed excel,workbook,pdf,mail etc packages but i am not able to see and access them.

What Studio version do you have? I cannot reproduce with my CE 2017.1.6498 and in order for the qa team to be able to confirm it as an issue we need the specific version and OS, please.

OS:windows 7 enterprise 64bit
uipath version

Hi…Any update on this?