UIpath Studio msi Installer


Can you please share the .msi installer of the UiPath Studio latest version ?
I would like to invoke the bot from command line using UiRobot.exe. Please let me know if getting the msi installed in my desktop will get this exe available in the installer folder or is there a different configuration needed ?


Hi @Vamsit2030,
UiRobot.exe is available by default in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\UiPath\(UiPath version)\UiRobot.exe. Not in installation root folder but inside studio version folder :wink:

Im using UipathStudiosetup.exe file to open and run
Can you please tell me how to install Uipath in the desktop?


This what you are using is already Studio installation. Check you start menu. You should have already installed shortcut there.