UiPath Studio licensing method not showing


I have just installed Studio to get started with UiPath, but for some weird reason the licensing method choice is not showing for me (see picture). I have tried both the stable and the preview build without success.

Any tips in how to solve this issue? All help is appreciated.

Best Regards, Eric

Hi @Eric_Tjarnstrom !
Welcome to UiPath Community :smile:
Did you want to use UiPath Community or Enterprise ? What is the version of UiPath Studio that you wanted to download ?
You’re supposed to have at least two options (with internet or without if I remember well).
Do you have a clue, whether it should be relayed to the support team @Pablito ?

Hi @Eric_Tjarnstrom,
Like @Hiba_B we need some more details. Apart from which version of the Studio have you installed it would be great to know what version of OS you have and .Net Framework :slight_smile: ?

@Pablito @Hiba_B , thank you for your fast response!

I am currently running the following:
UiPath Community
UiPath Studio version
Windows 10 enterprise (OS Build 17763.1817)
.NET version v4.0.30319

Seems that your .Net version is quite old. Could you please install the newest v.4.8 and then test it again?

Tested using .NET 4.8 without success. Do you have any other tips of what I could try?

Any update what I could try to solve this?

Hi @Eric_Tjarnstrom,
I reported your case internally. It is still being investigated.

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