UiPath Studio is not opening in Windows 11

I have installed UiPath studio Community Edition on my Windows 11 system. It was all done and opened for the first time but when I closed it and opened it again, it seems it is opening but it keeps on loading the application. Please suggest.

Hi @Chitra_Sharma

Just to confirm, is it the latest version 21.10.3?

Could you maybe double check that there is no antivirus/firewall that is interfering with the Studio?
(nor any connectivity issues)

If not, could you please run the diagnostic tool and share the output with me via a private message @loginerror?

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Hi @loginerror

I just updated the version to 21.10.3 and it looks good now.

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Thank you for coming back and confirming that the new version fixed the issue.

If possible, do not hesitate to share some information about your previous version (and anything else that could help us reproduce your now resolved issue). We are trying to find all potential issues with Windows 11 :slight_smile:

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