UIPath studio feedback, two proposals

Hi Uipath team,

this is a two proposals from my POV to better user friendly UiPath app. that I think is otherwise very good.

  1. Regarding flowStep lines in flowChart the question is whether they could have a permanent location even during the movement with sequences and other containers with which they are connected. In the case of more complex designs and many connections, the movement of eg a single flowSwitch which has more output lines can obscure the whole design, and repeated adjusting them prolongs the work.

  2. While developer intputs into more extensive selection and is not currently scrolling, this moment I think can be used to load another element images of that selection to be finaly continuously preloaded for next possible scroll movements. Cause in this covid time with slower connection access to some eg. company discs where all images are physically saved, the moving in selection and loading pictures “just in time” make a movement in scrolled page intermittent and jerky which is unpleasant. Sometimes also happens that the final focus in scrolled page after small freeze is moved that much further than was originally assumed by scrolling. Unfortunately, this is not too much comfortable and it also prolongs the work,

Otherwise, thank you very much for a great tool that from my POV has no competition.

With BR

Hi @radomir.figalla,
Welcome to the Community!
Thank you for such a nice and detailed feedback. I pushed it to our internal tracker :slight_smile:

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