UiPath Studio Fails to Start

What is the troubleshooting procedure when UiPath Studio Fails to Start ?

UiPath Studio fails to start with an unexpected error as shown below:


Troubleshooting Steps are listed below: 

Step 1: KB4055002

The above mentioned windows update is one of the known causes of this issue. Uninstall the windows Update KB4055002 if available.

Step 2: Admin mode

Try launching UiPath Studio in Admin mode.

Step 3: Event viewer and Studio logs

Check the event viewer and Studio logs to find any references to any broken/corrupted DLLs. If any is available, try replacing the DLL from a same version of Studio installation.

Step 4: Clean installation

Clean install using below steps:
a) Close all the running instances of UiPath studio.
b) delete folder uipath under %programdata%
c) delete folder uipath under %appdata%/local
d) delete folder uipath under %appdata%/Roming  
e) And than try to re - install the UiPath studio.