Uipath Studio connection issue with On Premise Orchestrator Development


I installed 2 Orchestrator servers in different Windows severs.
One is for production and the other is for development.
Each servers have different license.
Installation version: V2020.10

RPA production:
3 Attended users
3 Unattended robots

RPA development:
2 Studio developers
3 Non-Production robots

I was able to connect UiPath studio to the production with Unattended robot, but still don’t know how to connect UiPath studio(for developer) to Orchestrator development because development system has only available 3 Non-production robots. I thought 2 Studio developer licenses should be connected to Development server.

I read lots of articles for several days, but most of them are previous version and V2020.10 are quite different with previous ones.

I tried many things, but didn’t work.
Attached are development configuration. Please help!

You don’t use Studio where unattended automations are concerned.

It sounds like in your scenario you need a RDP server that has UiPath Robot installed, and is connected to your production Orchestrator. This RDP server is where unattended automations will run.

Then on your developers’ computers you install Studio and Robot, and connect them to the development Orchestrator. This is what the 2 Studio licenses are for.

Thank you Paul!
Orchestrator production is https://rpa.XXXX.com
Orchestrator development is https://rpadev.XXXX.com

Could you explain more? still I don’t get it.
Thank you.

You use the Studio licenses and connect the developers’ Studio to the development Orchestrator system. Publish and test in dev. When ready, download package from development Orchestrator and then upload it manually to production Orchestrator.

Unattended automations use service accounts. Orchestrator uses the service account (Robot) to connect to another server via RDP. This server must have UiPath Robot installed on it, and connected to production Orchestrator.

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