UiPath Studio Configuration - Standardization of Package Sources among Team?

We install UiPath Studio via Citrix, so all the developers on our team basically get the same initial image.

When starting Studio for the first time, I have not found a way (other than building a list of initial packages to load via the package.config file) to "standardize all of the package source info:

o List of packages to preload
o List of customized package SOURCES to include
o Enforce “auto-update” of packages

Is there any way to standardize this part of setup so that all the developers have to use the same basic package sources and update options?


If you edit the Nuget.config file, you can set all the sources which bring in the packages automatically into Studio.

This will also be used by Orchestrator even if the packages were not installed on each robot.

The developers will still need to follow rules to keep their packages in-sync, like only installing packages from those feeds. And, the “installed” packages are still loaded per user profile (unless you include them in the image).

From my understanding, there are some new features in 2018.4 or in the future that will allow this to be easier and more versatile. There are some known issues in 2018.2 I know though like sometimes updated packages will cause an error in Orchestrator, so we needed to revert back on some.

This is just from my experience and from what we were told while receiving support from UiPath. Someone from UiPath could provide a better idea of future improvements.
And here are the release notes, incase there is any info there:

Sorry, I can’t provide any other info. Regards.

Thanks, Clayton.

Yes, I can see that there are enhancements in the 2018.4 version; unfortunately we just recently completed the 18.2 upgrade, so I doubt we’ll do another one until 2nd or 3rd quarter 2019 at the earliest.

We are finding our current process to be problematic; developers are instructed to bring their packages up to date when first installing Studio, but as time goes on, that results in newer packages on some copies of Studio than others… and occasionally, mismatches. We have one group of developers having problems with http activities because their web.activities package was updated, but a dependent rest.sharp package was not… and I cannot see in the list of studio updates where there are pending updates to rest.sharp… weird.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

Hi @tclukay

2018.3 introduced the feature that allows you to manage your dependencies per project, which would help to alleviate your issue. On top of it, 2018.4 is the Long Term Support version:

I would strongly suggest you to contact our support to solve the issue of the dependency. I believe downgrade of the problematic packages might help here.

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