UiPath studio community version activation key over email

Hi All,
I have registered for UiPath studio community version (60 days trial UiPath studio on premise) from portal: Process Automation Software - Request your free download using my official email id: abhijit_ray04@infosys.com today but I still didn’t receive the activation key email. PFA activation key screenshot.

Appreciate your help to receive the email which is required to continue with the installation.

Abhijit Ray

Hi @rayabhijit2017

You can simply download studio from one of the links available on the right hand side as on our screenshot and then use the key presented to you on the same page.

You will be able to activate your Studio without any further email confirmation.

Hi Maciej Kuzmicz,

Thanks for your clarifications. I’ll check it. It will be better to receive email confirmation which can be used for reference purpose.

Thank you.