UIPath Studio Community Edition on Windows 7

I previously installed and used UIPath Studio Community Edition on my Win7 PC. Recently after not using it for a month or so, I opened the application and it didn’t run properly. I uninstalled it and tried to re-install, but I got an error message saying 2021.4 is only compatible with Win8.1 or higher. I note the previous version is 2020.10, but it seems that even if I find the exe. file for this version it is pointles installing it because Community Edition automaitcally updates to the current stable build, i.e. 2021.4 How do I install Studio Community Edition on my Win7 PC?

Thank you,

Yes, I understand I can’t install on 2021.4 Win7, but my understanding from the documentation is that with a Community licence, if I install a previous version, it will automatically update to the current version creating the same problem again.

Use UiPathPlatformInstaller to install studio.