UiPath Studio Community Edition on Windows 11


I am curious to know if anyone has tried installing UiPath Studio on Windows 11 (beta) or someone who already has installed UiPath Studio on Windows 11 as Microsoft has started rolling it out.

  • Are there any hurdles which I need to know, before upgrading? (I know about the requirement of TPM 2.0, so that’s take care of in my case)
  • How does it perform with respect to identifying selectors on windows application?
  • Any issues with the .net version 5 which is packaged in Windows 11?

Thank you in advance.

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Hey @jeevith Thanks for picking this up, I was about to create a post for UiPath on Windows 11 after few weeks of trying it out

I have updated to Windows 11 last week and it seems to work fine.

  • About TPM 2.0, I think that is more on the Windows 11 configuration side, won’t hamper UiPath performance (I think).
  • I have actually enabled TPM right after windows update. You can let us know if you came across any news on TPM hampering UiPath
  • No issue in identifying the selectors in windows application yet
  • I messed around a little but it seems better. Meanwhile the community studio also got updated, so there are some bugs for the newer version it seems, few are confirmed and reported on Forum too, so I think we must wait to decide on whose side those bugs fall in
  • For normal users, it won’t be an issue. Though there might be some pain at enterprise level(which will happen after a while though)
  • Till now no issues, as the processes built in studio with .NET 4.6.1 are running fine
  • but may be there will surely sometime people will adapt .Net 5 in projects, UiPath was well prepared for this and hence they gave the option to the user to select the framework

The last row in below screenshot is to be watched carefully anyone who is thinking to upgrade and get excited to build solution in .Net 5 framework


Hi @rahulsharma,

Thank you for the clarifications. TPM 2.0 was easy to fix in the BIOS. The advantage of .net 5 is something I have very less know-how. But UiPath still looks promising then for Windows 11.


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